A secret garden

Play 2

Earlier in the week, I wrote about wanting to find ways to get myself and my family outside more often. (You can see that post here.) One of my goals is to create a play area for Evan and Clayton in our backyard, somewhere they can go to imagine, build, play and dream.

We have the perfect spot in our yard, a funny corner behind the garage that is fenced and gated from the rest of the yard. I am not sure what it was used for previously or why it was separated. Was it a dog run, a compost area? In fact, before we decided to give it to the boys, we really did not know what to do with it. It is hidden behind the garage, completely out of sight of the house and even of the rest of the yard.

The perfect secret garden for two little boys.

Play 1

Right now, it is a clean slate. It is overrun by weeds and buried in pine needles and fallen leaves. There are discarded bricks and trash from the gardening projects of a previous owner. But there is also a young peach tree just beginning to flower, though it is a strange thing to imagine someone so lovingly planting it in such an abandoned-looking space

Play 4

I have been in love with so many images of natural playscapes that I have seen on Pinterest and other places. (Check out this and this for a few resources.) I would love to do something similar. But above all, I want the space to be organic and I want it to belong to Evan and Clayton.

So, as a start, we set some of the discarded bricks in a small rectangle to define a future garden bed.

Play 3

Play 7

And Jason built the boys a small fort. Someday, we may let the boys help us paint it. For now, Evan has added his own touch, a sign he built himself with scrap wood. Good guys? Check. Bad guys? Not allowed.

Play 5

But that is about a far as we have gotten. Should we bring in sand? Add a mud kitchen? Hang wind chimes from the eaves of the garage?

I would love to hear your ideas. And I will certainly share the space as we continue to work on it and as the boys begin to make it theirs.

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